Alston Tascom

Mission Statement

Alston Tascom will provide telephone answering services and small call centers with technology that adds value to the data they collect.

Alston Tascom will help customers to concentrate on their core business collecting data and turning that data into valuable Information by taking the technology out of their responsibilities.

Our tag line:

"Give us your technology"

Service Mission

Our knowledgeable staff know this isn't a 9-to-5 business. That's why we provide 24/7 phone support to keep you up and running. And that's why we can incorporate any degree of redundancy you require in your system.

Furthermore, our engineering group can add features to satisfy even the most specialized requirements.

And when you need field-engineering support at your site, we'll be there! We recognize the importance of proper training, educating your managers and technical staff while also empowering them to train others in your organization. From system specification through ongoing service, we provide the support you need to power your success.

Even though technology is a key driver in our industry, there's still no substitute for a caring, helpful human voice. That's why each of our new standards has enhanced the human touch through the application of advanced technology. And that's how our system achieves the perfect balance of friendliness and efficiency. Today, call centers are repositioning themselves as unified message centers. Tascom Evolution is a complete solution to help you move confidently in that direction and create new revenue opportunities along the way. Our open architecture system puts control of your destiny in your hands. It also puts more useful information into the hands of your agents when they need it. As your company breaks new ground, be sure to go with people who know the territory. Partner with us, and we'll respond by developing a customized proposal to boost your business. Find out exactly what we can do for you.