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  • Tascom Users Hold Annual Meeting

    January/February 2014, Connections Magazine

    The Tascom users' meeting was held at South Point Casino Hotel in Las Vegas on November 7-8, 2013. The main discussion centered around their new softswitch, Adam, which several sites have already installed. The discussions also compared traditional individual servers, virtual servers, and hosted servers. The meeting ended with plans for next year's Tascom user meeting and the celebration of thirty-five years of service to the call center industry with twenty years of ownership by Wayne and Joanne Scaggs. For more information, contact Alston Tascom 866-282-7266 or
  • Tascom-Express System Implemented at Alston Tascom

    January/February 2014, Connections Magazine

    Alston Tascom headquarters is the first location to implement Tascom-Express. They replaced their previous Fluency system with the brand new Tascom-Express, which is a complete system in a virtual server. Alston Tascom is using the system as it will be used in a call center. All options are available, including email, SMS, paging, faxing, PRI, operator pools, reporting, callrecording, voicemail, SQL database, softswitch, and alphanumeric. For more information, contact Alston Tascom at 866-282-7266 or
  • Alston Tascom's ADAM SoftSwitch with Dynamic Agent Assignment

    December 2013, Connections Magazine

    Alston Tascom's ADAM softswitch and Evolution MS-SQL database will assign an agent to an available position when they sign in for work. Since the knowledge about which positions are available is already in the system, the system dynamically decides which position to assign. This is especially useful for remote agents because it eliminates the need to coordinate which position should be used for login. For more information, contact Alston Tascom at 866-282-7266 or
  • Tascom Enters Its Thirty-Fifth Year of Servicing the TAS Industry

    December 2013, Connections Magazine

    The first Tascom system was installed in 1980 in Alaska (a thirty-two-position system). At that time, Tascom was one of three product lines for Conrac Alston, a company noted for building billing systems for large central offices throughout the world. In 1986, Mark IV Industries acquired Conrac Industries and renamed the company Alston, a Mark IV Company. Eight years later, in 1994, Wayne Scaggs, employed with the company since 1979, acquired Alston and renamed it Alston Tascom, Inc. Alston Tascom, Inc. is now entering its twentieth year as an independent company. Mark your calendar for a big celebration in November 2014 and celebrate with them. For more information, contact Alston Tascom at 866.282.7266 or
  • Alston Tascom's ADAM Available for General Release

    October 2013, Connections Magazine

    Alston Tascom believes data, and the control of data, is the most powerful tool in the world. ADAM (Alston Designed Asterisk Machine) gives call centers power over all their call routing and the data associated with the call. This new soft-switch allows users to control all aspects of any call on the call center switch. Because the switch is software-based, users not only dictate how the call is routed but also know the status of the calls at any given moment. ADAM has completed its beta testing and is deployed at eight locations, with more orders on the way.

    ADAM provides call centers with a SoftSwitch and office PBX, which accommodates TDM, SIP, fax, remote office, remote agents, and any combination of tools needed for a call center and office.

    Contact Alston Tascom at 909-548-7300 or